TOP ET - Electronics, Delay Box class, 7.99 or quicker entries only. Cross Talk will be used during eliminations. NO Down Track Stutter Boxes. No roll out counters that control staging, Digital read outs in cars must be traceable to Trans brake. No devices that control the cars ET allowed.

NO BOX ET - No time break. No delay boxes. Trans brakes, 2-step, air or electric shifters are allowed. Absolutely NO DELAY BOXES ALLOWED IN CAR!

SPORTSMAN -No time break. No electronics. No Button on Steering Wheel or Brake Pedal. No delay boxes, No trans brake, No 2-step. Single line lock on non drive wheels for burnout only, but button can not be placed on steering wheel or brake pedal.

JR. DRAGSTER - 7.90 and slower only. All age groups will run by division as long as possible, then run together. Must dial according to their age group as indicated by the IHRA Rule Book. All Jr’s must be picked up and towed back to pit area from time slip booth.

BYE RUNS - 1st round Bye Run will be Dialing for Dollars Winner. After that it will be based on best winning green light reaction time. If there are two identical reaction times it will be based on the run closest to Dial-In. Bye Run will carry over until it is used.

BUY BACKS - 1st and 2nd round unless car count hits a certain level determined by each class, over 40 for Top Et and over 30 for No Box. Jrs buy backs are first or 2nd.  Buy Backs will run together the next round of eliminations. Buy Backs are still eligible for BYE runs once they win a round in eliminations. Buy Backs will be done at bottom side of tower.

LANE CHOICE –Use lanes 1-3-5 (ODD) for LEFT lane. 2-4-6 (EVEN) for RIGHT lane. In eliminations when we get down to cars wanting the same lane, cards will be drawn for lane choice, not the fastest car. NO SWAPPING of lanes, once past the rear of staging line you are committed to the staging lane you are in. You can be disqualified for switching lanes. Track has option to pair cars.

STAGING BATTLES - In the event, drivers will not pre-stage or stage, both drivers' will be pointed in. At that time both cars will have 90 seconds to stage, after that a five count warning will be given by the starter. If the racers still refuse to stage after that they will be backed off and will race (same pair) at the end of the round. A driver can't get out of the car and must be ready to race when called. If they both still refuse to stage after being moved to back of staging they will be DISQUALIFIED and receive NO REFUND OR ROUND MONEY.

HARDSHIP RULE (Break passes) - If your car breaks during time runs, of that days races, a break pass will be written by authorized track personnel for your Tech Card prices minus that days Spectator price. There will be no break passes or refunds for drivers who take the tree during 1st round of Eliminations.

PIT VEHICLES - You must be a licensed driver of your state to operate a golf cart, 3-4 wheeler, moped, minibikes, etc. NO ONE under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate these vehicles. You will be warned once, and owner of the vehicle will be DISQUALIFIED with second warning.

  1. Racers may run in more than 1 class with the same car. Racers may run track points in more than 1 class, but must designate which class he/she wants their Summit points in. Once a racer designates a Summit class they are locked in and will go back to zero points if the class is changed.
  2. Each race entry must have a tech card with the correct driver listed.
  3. All drivers, of any vehicle on the track, must sign the insurance waiver.
  4. The finish line is the last cone in the middle of the track, not the scoreboards. Do not race to the scoreboards.
  5. One working taillight is required on all vehicles.
  6. All Jr’s and cars running 8.59 and quicker must wear IHRA approved helmet.
  7. Cars running 6.00 and quicker (1/8th mile) must have IHRA chassis certification.
  8. Fire Jacket must be worn by all racers running 7.49 and quicker. Full Fire suit must be used for dragsters running 6.00 and door cars running 5.30 and quicker. Must wear SFI 3.2A-5 Jacket and Pants and 3.3 Neck Collar. ALL Safety EQUIPMENT MUST BE WORN UNTIL YOU ARE SAFELY OFF THE TRACK.
  9. Engine diaper recommended on entries running 5.30 and quicker.
  10. Dial-in must be on car before leaving staging, no changing of Dial-Ins after leaving the staging lanes. All windows must be rolled up. Dial-Ins and Car. Numbers need to be on the drivers side and front windows so we can get your Dial-In correct! They need to be READABLE from the tower. Check your Dial-In on the score boards in the water box. Don't Stage if Your Dial-In is Wrong. Those crossing over need to check their competitors Dial-In as well.
  11. Burnouts are to be started at the front edge of the water in the burnout box.
  12. Burnouts anywhere other than the designated areas may lead to disqualification from the event and loss of entry fees.
  13. One crew person is allowed on starting line behind starter, everyone else must be behind the line.
  14. All Top ET cars coming to No Box must have the delay box out and the car to ready to compete. No swapping of drivers or cars once you complete the first round or if you buy back.
  15. Courtesy Staging will be used in Top ET. If a competitor puts both bulbs on before the opponent stages, the starter will direct him/her to back up. Deep staging is not guaranteed, If you hesitate and drag around while going DEEP the tree may come on. You must be going DEEP at a forward motion, don't stop at stage. You must have DEEP written on your windows. It is advised for DEEP stagers to go in first.
  16. Pre-staging must be a forward motion.
  17. There will be no reruns, unless the run is not properly executed by the computer.
  18. Please use a safe speed of 10 MPH on the return road. 5 MPH in the pit area. WATCH FOR KIDS!
  19. Touching or crossing the center line disqualifies a racer, must be observed by track official.
  20. Fighting will result in being ejected from the track and possible loss of racing privileges.
  21. No glass bottles or containers allowed.
  22. Drug or alcohol use while competing is automatic grounds for dismissal from the track, must be observed.
  23. Excessive braking at the finish line, evident by tire smoke or other car control issues are grounds for disqualification, must be observed by track official.